Benefits of using Drivn!

Ride, Drive, Get Drivn. Join us as we navigate towards safer roads together

Why Use The Drivn App

Specialised Designated Driving Service

DRIVN is Queensland's premier ride-share service specialising in designated driving. This niche focus addresses the crucial need for safe transportation options after a night out or when you can't drive, as well as traditional rideshare options

Shadow (Dual Driver) Service

DRIVN's innovative shadow service sets it apart by providing not just a driver but a dual-driver option. This ensures both you and your vehicle get home safely, enhancing convenience and peace of mind

Safety First

DRIVN prioritises safety above all else. With a team of professional drivers, you can trust that you'll be in capable hands, reducing the risks associated with impaired driving.

Revolutionising Commuting

By offering a safe and convenient option for those who want to enjoy themselves without worrying about driving under the influence, DRIVN is changing the way the community moves and socialises.

Local Expertise

As a Gold Coast-based service, DRIVN understands the local area intricately, allowing for efficient navigation and reliable service

Community Engagement

DRIVN's dedication to safe transportation extends to the community, fostering a culture of responsible choices, diversity & inclusivity as well as reducing the risks associated with impaired driving

Your Safety Matters

Drivn is determined to have the safest Ride share app on the market, and that starts with you!

24/7 Help Chat

Our 24/7 help chat is here to provide any information you require!

Drivers are Police Checked

All drivers go through stringent background analysis and a Police background check in order to ensure our Riders safety


All Drivers are required to have the appropriate assurances to cover any driver related incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a ride?

To request a ride, simply download our ride share app, create an account, and enter your pickup and drop-off locations. Choose the type of vehicle you prefer and confirm your request. A nearby driver will be assigned to pick you up.

How can I pay for my ride?

Our ride share app offers multiple payment options, including credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and in-app payment methods. You can securely add your preferred payment method to your account, and the fare will be automatically charged at the end of each trip

How do I cancel a ride?

You can cancel your ride through the app without any penalties if it's done within a specific time frame. However, if you cancel too close to the driver's arrival or multiple cancellations occur, there may be a cancellation fee.

How are drivers screened?

We have a comprehensive screening process for our drivers, which includes thorough background checks, driving history verification, and vehicle inspections. We strive to ensure that all drivers on our platform exceed our safety standards.

Can I schedule a ride in advance?

Yes, you can schedule a ride in advance using our app. Simply select the desired date, time, and pickup location, and we will match you with a driver who can accommodate your request.

What happens if I leave something behind in a vehicle?

If you accidentally leave something behind in a vehicle, you can contact our customer support team to report it. We will make every effort to help you retrieve your lost item by coordinating with the driver.